Distilling Process

True one of a kind artisanal vodka slowly distilled in a traditional cooper alembic, respecting local tradition and heritage.

UNKKODED is not only born on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The emergence of nature from the sea plays a leading role in the process of the four distillations to which it is subjected.

Unparalleled atmospheric conditions to distill a unique Vodka of supreme purity and quality.

The boiling point of a liquid varies depending on the altitude at which is treated.

UNKKODED is distilled at zero latitude of the Mediterranean Sea, that is, at the maximum possible Atmospheric Pressure.


UNKKODED in each of the stages of its production immerses itself in the artisanal tradition of vodka, following its centuries-old methodology moving down to the smallest detail.

In order to guarantee the purity of an authentic artisan vodka at all times, after the distillation phase, a meticulous filtration is carried out with a carefully selected high quality active carbon filtering.