Dreams that you did not know you had suddenly arise through a moment or a fact, and in one second the dream crosses your path. And after the event, you do not understand how, until that moment, you did not know that there was something that cannot wait another day to come true…

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What crossed our path was a phrase.

A conversation took place on a sunny spring afternoon on the shores of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. A group of friends asked for their favorite drink. Those who asked for vodka began a debate on which one was the authentic VODKA.

It is well known throughout the world that if there is a purist consumer, he is undoubtedly the consumer of Vodka.

During that debate, the words Vodka and Mediterranean crossed, and the result of that crossing were those three words that entered us to change everything; It can´t be.

Listen those three words, provoked in us the same thing that we have heard so many times with the story of Newton when the apple fell to him, and like him, we also asked ourselves; Why not?

A Mediterranean vodka not could exist,
but should exist.

Vodka, more than a product it is a concept by itself, completely embedded in its origin.

This value of its origin turned on our reason to be, as at the Renaissance where the prestablished concepts were reinterpreted in search of evolution.

Unkkoded Vodka, returns to the principles of vodka, and update them through the Spanish Mediterranean heritage, without loosing the tradition that reafirms its purest essence.